Greta Thunberg fined for disobeying Swedish police

Greta Thunberg was found guilty of defying a police order to leave a climate protest and was fined by a Swedish court.

Greta Thunberg supports environmental causes In 2003, she was born in Stockholm, Sweden.She first began studying about climate change when she was eight years old..

She got increasingly perplexed about why so little was being done about it as she learned more. At the age of 11, Greta's sadness about the climate change caused her to momentarily halt speaking.

Greta has Asperger syndrome, which has an impact on how people interact with others. Greta, however, refers to her illness as a "superpower" 

Greta made the decision to act in August 2018. She produced a giant placard that stated "SCHOOL STRIKE FOR CLIMATE" and calmly sat down in front of the Swedish parliament rather of attending class.

Greta was motivated by young Americans rallying against gun violence in Florida. Learn more about the demonstrations that Greta sparked, the School Strike for Climate!

The Swedish media reported on Greta's strike, and word quickly spread. Soon, tens of thousands of students from all around the world joined her #FridaysforFuture walkout

Motivated by Greta, climate activists from all across the world banded together in March 2019 to organize the first Global Strike for Climate