Sinéad O'Connor was a singular personality. She struggled to rise to pop stardom after having a terrible childhood. The harder they fall, however, the higher they rise

Kindergarten is when Her parents, who eventually got a divorce, were dreadful to Sinéad and her four siblings at home. This left lasting wounds and led her down a perilous path.

The singer acknowledged that stealing was her addiction. Sinéad felt bad, but she couldn't or wouldn't stop. The thefts were shameless, which was even worse.

Shoe store employees believed it was okay to let a girl try on clothes in the staff room. They had the wrong idea. Sinéad successfully stole the wallet of an employee.

It seems Sinéad inherited her mother's sticky fingers. Johanna even encouraged her daughter to solicit "donations" from strangers by taking money from church collection plates.

Sinéad's luck finally ran out when she was 15, and she spent 18 months in an asylum. On the plus side, she discovered writing and music there. The institution was, however, harsh and even cruel.

Sinéad's situation was beginning to improve as she began to record her debut album and signed with a record label. Before it fell, it was only a matter of time.

The breaking point for Sinéad was the pregnancyShe said Nigel could "shove his hundred thousand." likewise his producer. The biggest risk of her life was having to start over.